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Hello, my name is Luis Gonzalez also known as BoriKinG HeaT or Bori Montana, I am a husband and father of three young kings which are my world. Those that knows me, knows that Family and Loyalty is what I am all about. As a young boy all I ever wanted was to be a successful millionaire. Did I know how? well not quiet honestly. I grew up admiring and playing the game of basketball. I can say, my dream was to become a NBA player. That's how I really thought I was going to be successful, as a NBA star like players I grew up watching and wanted to be just like, Mike, Kobe, Iverson to name a few which as a young teenager, the future looked bright as I was getting better. Well It didn't work out that way, eventually I ended up having to move to Florida at 15 years old. Having to leave Puerto Rico and family behind like my grandfather which was the biggest influence and role model in my life was very difficult for me as a teen. My little brother was just born and my stepfather was fighting cancer, very tough to experience. Once my stepfather's time on earth was up, it was the hardest point in my mother's life. At age 17 I had to drop out of high school and get a job in a warehouse that one of my friend's parent used to own to be able to help my mother with money for rent and food and raise my little brother and from that point on life just got harder. I didn't really had time to play basketball anymore and like a blink of an eye life flew by. Fast forward to 2013 when I was introduced to online marketing was when I took the leap of faith and believed this was the way to be able to somehow break free of the system that want to control us by programming us to get a job to be "just over broke" and survive slaving us into obeying and following the system while making us believe is the "American Dream" lol please. Ever since then I've been working on my own with the goal of learning a skillset I can teach others and help them be able to also break free of the system. After trying online marketing by promoting affiliate products, multi level marketing and such for a couple years I figured out that the niche wasn't for me. The whole part of what I call "selling dreams" going after signups to earn commissions and ranks because at the end of the day that's what is all about and not the products most times was a whole fufu scheme niche so I stopped. that bs wasn't my style of doing things with so much dishonesty. That's when in 2015 I learned about Forex and put all my focus on using it as my main asset and be able to learn one of the most powerful skillsets a person can know with the purpose to help others do the same. Now for the past couple of years I've been learning about trading automation algorithms to make it more fun without having to analyze the charts manually while you can stay in profits hands free. Times are changing and automation is the future and that's something to take advantage.


Let me tell you, this skillset is something that can truly change your life if thought and used correctly due to the fact that it can also destroy you.

There's a lot of companies within this niche that charge you for their services as education, training, courses, signals, setups, software, sessions etc... which don't get me wrong, there's actually a few out there that actually work but for the most part most of them are just frauds after your money selling online dreams. That's the fufu scheme I don't like! That's why I created Stay in Profits with the goal to help others learn the skillset without having to come out of pocket which is great for beginners or individuals that just wanna learn a skillset to make some extra income or become professional traders. Also take advantage of automation and be ahead of the game.




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